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Reef Daytripper Private Charter

Hire Our Catamaran Charter Boat Near Cairns — The Reef Daytripper!

Quick Details

Private Charter Up to 20 people
Introductory Scuba Dive Ages 12+ • Full gear included
Certified Scuba Dive Ages 12+ • Full gear included • Provide proof of certification
GoPro Hero 4 Hire

Upolu Reef Private Charter Boat from Cairns

Avoid the crowds and experience the Great Barrier Reef as nature intended. No other operator can offer you this superb, personalised service. Join us and our fun-loving crew for an amazing day on the reef. With just under four hours at Upolu Reef, we aim to visit two sites, allowing plenty of time to snorkel dive or just relax on the boat and soak up the sun!

Our destination, Upolu Reef, is a very beautiful location situated on the edge of the Outer Barrier Reef, and is teeming with a large variety of interesting marine life and a beautiful array of corals. In the sheltered lagoon, you will see a multitude of giant clams, turtles, sea stars and reef fish. This offers a perfect snorkeling or diving experience in warm, clear, protected waters. A complimentary snorkel guide is available, which offers a fun and informative addition to the day’s Cairns charter boat exploration.

You may join our guided snorkel tour, in which our dive professionals will aim to enhance your snorkeling experience by pointing out and explaining the many different marine species that are local to the reef, along with some migratory animals such as turtles, sharks and rays.

We give the option for you to sign up for scuba diving on the day of your private Cairns boat charter. All tuition, equipment and a guide are included in the price, and we can accommodate both certified and introductory diving. We aim to offer you unlimited time for dives, which means we won’t rush you at any point. This gives you ample time to relax, adjust to the underwater realm and explore the wonders of the reef at your leisure. Book your Cairns boat charters online today!